Dear Michelle Valentine,

I hate first dates! What if the first date turned out to be a disaster – he spilled his soup on his suit, and I couldn’t stop babbling on and on because I was so nervous. Should we give it another try?

Try Try Again


Dear TTA,

Absolutely give it another try with this guy!

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!”

Chemistry cannot happen unless both individuals are calm and can be themselves. So what if soup spilled and you talked nonstop? It’s a first date, and nervous tendencies like to rear their ugly heads.

Be sure to always be positive on your dates:

Even if his nose is bigger than you normally like men’s noses – or her figure isn’t as perfect as you wish it to be – remember that you two initially liked each other for a reason, and fate may just be testing the two of you!

Take control of your destiny and arrange another date to see what will happen under different circumstances… try a more relaxed location or something really fun & different!

Some couples that had pretty poor first date impressions, but continued the process of dating are now get engaged – or have already married! Keep in mind that people are often not comfortable and really “themselves” on the first date… so even if a date didn’t turn out to be your “fantasy dream date,” keep this in mind and give as many of your new dates the benefit of doubt.

Best of all, give them the benefit of having your great company a second time around!

What was the worst date you have never been on? Please leave a comment below!

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