Dear Michelle Valentine,

I recently crossed paths with a girl whom I once had a phone relationship with.

I had just gotten a new job, and I looked over to the window and saw the prettiest pair of green eyes a man could ever hope to see! I dashed out to catch her, and she gave me her phone number.

We began a phone relationship, but one day I had a rude awakening: I went to where she worked – just to say hi – and she introduced me to her 29-year-old boyfriend. I was crushed but determined to keep her friendship.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of telling her about my feelings. Even though she knows I’m not going to try to move in on her, she now refuses even to acknowledge my existence.

Would you have some good advice for a young man in love with a girl he knows most likely would never even consider going out with him?

Wayne, via e-mail


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Dear Wayne,

Some good advice for a young man who is trying to form a relationship with a young woman who refuses to acknowledge his existence:

Move on and forget about her.

Why would you spend your valuable time focusing on a young woman who does not respect you?

Remember that love is not a contest, and not a terrible game.

There are young women out there who are kind and caring – focus on finding those types of girls to secure a real, in-person relationship.

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Dear Reader:

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