Dear Michelle Valentine,

I dread Valentine’s Day! I dread everything about it! I start dreading Valentine’s Day in January, when all the stores are already putting out greeting cards with cute teddy bears, red hearts, pictures of couples in love.

I cringe when I see heart balloons, and worst of all, the flowers! Flowers everywhere! Roses and more roses. Gah!

I can’t even go to the grocery store without being barraged with the red stuff when all I want to do is run in and get some cereal and milk!

Worse of the worse, at my office, almost everyone is married (or has a boyfriend or girlfriend). So that means everyone’s desk has some sort of flower arrangement, a card standing on the desk, or (whee!) “Here, have a piece of chocolate…” from their huge heart-shaped box of chocolate delights.

I’m the front receptionist, so guess what? I have to handle all the flower delivery guys and (fake) smile when they deliver (another) dozen roses. Ugh!

I am already so depressed, and it’s not even February yet. I don’t know how to get over this feeling. I don’t have a boyfriend, and don’t know anyone that would take me out for a date on Valentine’s Day.

I NEVER leave the house Valentine’s night, because all there is, is couples laughing, drinking, eating, kissing.

I wish it was me.

Lonely on Long Island


Dear DVD (Dreading Valentine’s Day),

Do you want the good news or bad news first?

Ha! It’s all good news for you!

First of all, you still have time to meet someone… and if you don’t meet someone beforehand, what a better way to put yourself in gear and NOT be single by NEXT Valentine’s Day!

All those co-workers with the “trophies” of cute teddy bears and delicious chocolates sitting on their desk? Walk around the office and be sure to comment how beautiful/cute/yummy their gift is, and mention, “Gee, I wish I could find someone as wonderful as your husband/boyfriend!” People can be natural matchmakers, and someone at the office could very well match you with a great guy they know!

Those flower delivery guys at the office you mentioned?

What a great opportunity to flirt with them! Smile (like you mean it), and flirt! Say something like, “Wow, these roses are so beautiful! When you’re off the clock, your girlfriend will get special delivery from you!” He may say he doesn’t have a girlfriend… Then, lucky you, go ahead and flirt! Walk around your desk, let him see your pretty dress (and I hope you’re wearing a very pretty outfit and lovely perfume on Valentine’s Day to feel in good spirits).

Don’t want to leave the house Valentine’s night?

A few things you could do:

Put on your favorite comfy pajamas, make some hot tea, and snuggle up with a book or magazine you’ve been meaning to read, or binge on TV shows in your DVR (Digital Video Recordings).

Call family and friends you’ve lost touch with, to wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day. Anyone you love deserves that special message!

Get on the computer to take your mind off your loneliness. Play a video game, email friends, or better yet… put yourself out there on my online dating site and wink, kiss, swipe, and message a few men.

Keep all those virtual kissing going after Valentine’s Day, and after a few months, you will find someone special to spend NEXT Valentine’s Day with!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Dear Reader,

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