Dear Michelle Valentine,

This may sound like a silly question about my online dating profile, but does it seem silly to ask for a 5’2” blonde with a great body?

Should I?

Actually, that would be great but a red head would be great, too.

How do you ask for someone beautiful without getting into trouble?



Dear Al,

Being too specific about appearance can work against you.

Unfortunately, preferences often look like requirements in an online dating profile.

Too many specifics about appearance may make you appear demanding or superficial to some wonderful women.

For example, stating a preference for red heads in your online dating profile may send the message, “no others need apply” – and they won’t.

You may end up missing out on someone wonderful!

Want someone thin? You may want to say “athletic” or “in shape” instead. Or WPTH (Weight Proportionate To Height).

Many thin women really don’t think they are thin!

Besides, with all the negativity in the media about women’s weight, the last thing they want is a perfectionist man!

Dear Reader,
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