Dear Michelle Valentine,

I’m a single mom, I’ve just started dating this nice guy with a great personality, and he has a great job and likes taking me out on the weekends. We have a really great time together!

The problem is, is that he says he doesn’t like children, and doesn’t want to spend time with my 3-year-old son and me together. I’ve suggested fun things we can all do together, like going to the park or the zoo, but he refuses.

What can I do to make him like my son?



Dear Sandy,

Why in the world would you want to form a relationship with a man – or even date a man – who cannot accept your child?

He may not like being near other children, but your son is an extension of YOU, and he should at least make the effort to accept your child.

Since you have tried, and he is still so adamant about not spending time with the both of you, a future relationship with this man does not seem worth the effort.

There are wonderful men out there who would just love a picnic for three!

Dear Single Moms:

Have you dated a man that didn’t want to spend time with your children? How did you handle the situation? Did you break up with up, or stay with him? How long did you date him?

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