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Dear Michelle Valentine,

This is the one and only time two people I knew and introduced ever ended up married… and stayed married, I should add. I don’t imagine this would happen again as it’s not something I ever thought about doing between friends.

This happened totally by accident as I was trying to get a group together for a comedy show night.

I was staying with my friend John at a certain apartment complex. John works at Disney World as a waiter, five to six nights a week. He’s a conservative friend from Baltimore, and a fan to the Orioles. I’m from New York and am a Yankee fan. So, we have our disagreements. Still, we’re good friends and comfortable around each other.

The apartment complex was a very social place and was prone to evening parties.

It was there where I met Deanna, an older widowed woman from Puerto Rico. We became fast friends and enjoyed each other’s company. We went to dinner or a movie whenever the mood struck us. When I told John of her, that she had a 14 year old son and a cat too, he just rolled his eyes.

One night when John had a rare weekend night off, I invited him to join a party of about eight people.

This was the first time they met, and both were very subdued.

I eventually moved out to my own place nearby. We met up again at one of the parties and John and Deanna were very much together!

I told them I was happy for them!

Privately, I was surprised, because they seemed so ill-suited for each other – yet, they got engaged within 6 months!

The wedding and honeymoon were in Hawaii and San Francisco.

They still live in Orlando and are celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary!

Richard, Orlando

Dear Richard,

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