Dear Michelle Valentine,

I was in London first and open romance on the streets is not so common.

When I was at Canterbury Cathedral, I was witness to one young couple (and pardon for this expression) “dry humping” on the cathedral grassed courtyard! It looked awkward and kind of desperate, not to say irreligious taking place on the grounds of one of the holiest spots in the English Isles.

Nevertheless it struck a kind of comical note for me… as it seemed more the release of shored up winter frustrations rather than an act of romance.

Ah, but then Paris in the springtime, and young lovers are everywhere draped over garden benches enmeshed in each other, and being wonderfully sensual together.

It was a joy to witness, to absorb.

To me, after numerous times of being to Paris it is personified by an attractive woman – Paris is a beautiful and laughing woman – and this is witness all over the city. The women dress smart, wear the most wonderful perfumes, know the hair and make-up to their best effect and have this joyful alive-ness to them that permeates the air.

They emit a sensuality and sexuality that is vibrant and is a joy to be around. It attracts. It makes you smile inside.

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And the whole city somehow seems to be alive in Spring – in the Tuilliers Garden the wild violet irises were out, looking all fresh as a Van Gogh painting. The sun permeated this scene, couples strolled about leisurely taking the time just to enjoy the days and their times together.

The city alights at night with white light, and the banter from the outdoor cafes and it is a wonderful thing.

The difference between and American and say France or Italy, to me seems to be that here in America the primary mode is of atmosphere – of getting along, of succeeding, of financially becoming.

But in France the mode, primarily, is not the search for riches, but for this atmosphere of sensuality and of an alive-ness in the body, before the will of the brain. And this mode goes through the pores of the people, the women and the men, and we too as visitors can be affected and enlivened by it for the time we are there – hopefully thereafter.

My hobby is photography and I enjoy capturing the vibrant instant and the vibrant moment.

I spent a whole day capturing couples in romance over the various areas of Paris, especially in the parks. In this way, I can bring some of this enjoyment home with me, bottle it up for later consumption. If you have an empty wall at one of your parties and would care for an exhibit of the same, of lovers in the streets of Paris and of Paris itself. I would be happy to share it with others – it might well be the kind of something that you would want to share for they are happy picture of young people in love and living in the moment, enraptured by each other, and alive.

Well, that is all for now Michelle. Thank you for your invites and for keeping me in mind for singles parties.

Best to you, Steve


Dear Steve,

What a beautiful and enchanting letter! I wanted my readers to experience a breath of fresh air while sharing your views of romance while in Paris, so I just had to post this!

I host and coordinate many events, and would love to feature your work at one of my events.

Dear Reader:

Have you been to other parts of the world and had a great romantic experience?

Please leave a comment below!



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