If you’re looking for a delicious, savory dinner, try the homemade Ethiopian dishes at Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant in Tampa (Temple Terrace), Florida!

The National Dish of Ethiopia

To get a real taste of the country’s food, try the national dish of Ethiopia, Doro Wat… this savory chicken stew (with egg on top), takes over four hours to simmer and cook.



The owner, Seble Gizaw, takes great pride in her Doro Wat, so be sure to order this when you visit!



Doro Wat has hunks of tender chicken with garlic, butter, and other special Ethiopian spices.



It was my favorite dish on the platter! I could eat piles of her special Doro Wat!

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I helped her add some dashes of spices and loads of garlic butter to the pot!


Vegetarians Rejoice!

Most Ethiopian dishes are vegetarian, using vegetables such as peas, lentils, and potatoes. But at Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant, on the menu is beef, lamb, chicken and seafood dishes.

Recipe Tip:

If you’d like to try making an easy breakfast at home, here’s a recipe for Ethiopian Spiced Potatoes and Poached Eggs.

No Silverware?!

Be prepared to eat without silverware!



Ethiopian food is traditionally eaten with a spongy type of flatbread called injera. It’s gluten-free and made from iron-rich teff seeds.

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The spongy bread is served rolled, and you unroll and tear off a piece of the bread.

Using the piece of injera, you pick up about a tablespoon or two of food and eat!

Take Your Time

It takes at least a couple of hours to really appreciate the way of eating Ethiopian food, so plan on having a long and leisurely dinner.





While you’re seated in the authentically decorated restaurant, be sure to take in all the little detail decorations!



Seble’s Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant is comfortable, clean, and the owner is always pleasant to her guests.

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Sweet Ending

Try the unique Ethiopian coffee brewed from Yirgacheffe beans with a dash of cloves.



For a little treat, order the “Queen’s Secret Recipe Honey Drink”, which complements all the dishes perfectly!



Visit Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant

11001 N. 56th St., Temple Terrace, FL 33617

(813) 872-6000

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