Miami, one of the most populous cities in the United States and the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the country, draws a large number of tourists every year.

In addition to the beautiful coastline, some of the best fancy shopping areas in the luxurious business district are also popular places for tourists.

After a day on the beach, you might want to have a leisurely dinner in the mall with friends or family and then go shopping to fill your suitcase.

Here are some fabulous and fancy shopping areas in Miami:

☀ Bayside Marketplace

Bayside Marketplace is a two-floor and open-air shopping center in downtown. The place is surrounded on both sides of Biscayne Bay, and the City of Miami marina is near here.

It is recognized by the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau as the number-one most-visited attractions in Miami.

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In addition to a stunning sea view and a variety of restaurants, the market also offers live music daily. Read about 4 Fun Things to Do to Spend a Day at Bayside Marketplace.

Be sure to take a photo next to the big purple ice cream cone! I did!

☀ Miami Design District

This is a shopping center that combines art and commerce perfectly. Known for its stylish modern architecture, upscale interior design shops and art galleries, the Design District represents a fashion innovation.

Art pervades every commercial shop and restaurant: fashion and jewelry shops, leisure cafes and well-known restaurants. Some public art also embellishes the district and tourists’ mood.

☀ Brickell City Centre

Brickell City Centre is a shopping and mixed-use project in Miami, Florida. It spans up to five blocks west of Brickell Avenue and south of the Miami River.

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It has four levels of luxury, superior and world-class dining and entertainment; there are also many delicious restaurants that can make your shopping experience go one better.

After shopping, you can also walk on the street and take a look at the epitome of the luxurious city.

☀ Dolphin Mall

Dolphin Mall is in Sweetwater, Miami-Dade County. I’ve been there a few times, and always a nice shopping experience.

More than 240 retail outlets and branded discount stores serve the visitors, making it the largest retail-value shopping center in the county, combining hottest-themed entertainment, shops, and dining.

It is near Florida International University, making it a popular gathering place for university students to spend a day.

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☀ Bal Harbour Shops

Bal Harbour Shops is an open-air shopping mall in Bal Harbour, a suburb of Miami, Florida. Dress “upscale casual” for shopping around this fancy shopping area.

It has a collection of exquisite designer boutiques and restaurants, and the tropical garden design fully reflects the feeling and passion of the tropical region.

The mall is positioned as a high-end shopping mall, with the only Alexander McQueen physical store in Florida, for example.

In September 2012, the International Council of Shopping Centers’ Shopping Centers Today magazine ranked Bal Harbour Shops as “the most productive shop in the world.”


I hope this list helps you with your shopping experience in Miami. Enjoy your shopping there!


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