Dear Michelle Valentine,

I have to admit that for the past 2 months, I have been receiving your email newsletter, and although all the singles get-together and seminars and stuff sound like great things to do, I’m still scared to show up at one of those singles parties.

I know I need to get out there and meet people, but I’m terrified of walking into the door and have the people there stare at me.

I think it dates back to bad experiences from my high school dances.

How do I get the courage to go to one of those events?

Marty, Lake Mary

Dear Marty,

First let me congratulate you on adding yourself to my email list!

It’s always filled with fun information, educational information, upcoming events, singles searches, and more!

It’s your first step towards actively meeting a love in your life, not to mention making a lot of new friends, too.

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Here’s some advice from a single guy:


Now, in order to get you out your door… into your car… and on to the event… let’s start easy:

To ease you away from the memory of those adolescent outings, I’d suggest you wait before attending one of our very large events.

Start small, perhaps with one of the single mingles held at a restaurant… or low-key seminars, or even one of the movie screenings.

It will be a great way to mingle casually with some wonderful singles!

There’s no need to feel “terrified” of attending these events.


Everyone is afraid of something, be it speaking in front of a group or making an uncomfortable phone call. You just need to decide to change your life for the better, and then DO IT.

Don’t forget that all those other people at the events may have started out afraid, too… but you should see how much fun they’re having now!

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I look forward to seeing you at my next event!

Have you had a bad experience at a event or just terrified to try out a singles party? Tell us all about it by leaving a comment below! Love to hear it!

We’ve all had good and bad experiences in our lives. We all have gifts to share… especially the gift of knowledge. My hope is that this week’s advice column empowers you to take (or continue on) the wonderful journeys life has to offer!

Now, I would love to hear from you… Have you – or someone you’ve known – to be in this situation of being afraid to go to events alone?

Or… if not, what advice would YOU give to this letter-writer? Yes, more than one answer is allowed – but I’m truly curious as to what made your heart pound the most.

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Leave a comment below and let me know. Remember, do your best to share as much detail as you can because thousands of fabulous individuals come here each week for insight and inspiration.

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With so much love and appreciation,


Michelle Valentine