Dear Michelle Valentine,

I’ve followed your advice columns since I’ve been in Orlando for the past few years.

Are there any good and real men in this town?

I’ve dabbled in the Personals and have dated a great deal, but I guess I’m still “Waiting for Godot”.

Thanks for all the laughs I’ve gotten due to your column & my ads.

Sincerely, Jewish American Princess


Dear Husband-Hunter,

Thank you for your support and little chuckle!

Your ad headlined “Endangered Species” is running this month in the Personals, and I am sure you will get a great response – remember that you promised to advise me when you meet your Dr. Esq. or Prince Charming.

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Happy husband hunting!

Dear Reader:

Have you been having a hard time dating but finally found that perfect someone? Please leave a comment below to share your testimonial!

We’ve all had good and bad experiences in our lives. We all have gifts to share… especially the gift of knowledge. My hope is that this week’s advice column empowers you to take (or continue on) the wonderful journeys life has to offer!

Now, I would love to hear from you… Have you – or someone you’ve known – to be in this situation? Or… if not, what advice would YOU give to this letter-writer? Yes, more than one answer is allowed – but I’m truly curious as to what made your heart pound the most.

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Thank you so very much for reading, watching, commenting, and especially… sharing your personal thoughts. Your kindness and generosity are like vitamins for the heart.

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With so much love and appreciation,


Michelle Valentine