Dear Michelle Valentine,

I just loved your answer to the letter where you stated all the funny abbreviations that you should not use in an ad! I thought GOW (grouchy old woman) was the funniest! Do you have ideas for ad headlines that can be used?

Susan, Orlando


Dear Susan,

Glad you enjoyed my answers.

Here are some unique personals ad headlines fit for anyone:

Lois Looking for Clark

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Look No Further

Nice Guys Only

Hard body with Brains

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Now Accepting Applications

Pretty Woman

Bat Girl Signaling Batman

Absolutely Fabulous

Don’t Miss Out

Brown Eyed Girl

Strawberry Sharing

Wine and Dine Me

Full of Surprises

Damsel in Distress

Kozy Kat

Sweetest Taboo

Earth Angel

Sunny and Share

Follow the Signs

Waiting Just for You

You and I

Meet Me on the Moon

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Man with Mustang

If you like Pina Coladas

I Have a Life

Passionate for Passion Fruit

Sunshine On My Shoulders

… and one last good one:

The Last of the Good Ones

What are your unique ad headlines? Please leave a comment below!

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With so much love and appreciation,


Michelle Valentine