Dear Michelle Valentine,

I am a 20-year-old Asian male who is really interested in a romantic relationship with an Asian female.

I’ve had only two girlfriends, and both girls decided they just wanted to be friends.

I can’t seem to find a girl who wants to be with a guy like me.

I’m kind of shy, but once I get into a conversation I open up a lot.

My idea of a magnificent evening would be to be outside, lying under the stars, or going to the beach for a walk along the shore.

I know there are women out there who want to find a guy who would stay faithful and romantic and pay attention to them, and it would be wonderful to meet a woman like that.

Do you think that’s uncool?

Rhoderick, via e-mail


Dear Rhoderick,

I think it would be very cool for you to meet a young woman who would appreciate you and enjoy the same types of romantic things that you like to do!

Just keep in mind that, at your age, it might be difficult to find the love of your life so soon! You have dated only two girls and already found out why it is important for young people to spend time with many different types of people – to avoid mistaking every person they go out with for the “right one” for the rest of their life.

It takes months – even years – for people to find their romantic soul mate. It happens through trial and error, with a little help from fate.

In the meantime, focus on making lots of new friends with guys and girls and enjoy your early dating years. Go to parties, travel, dine out, and have fun! You will eventually meet a great girl to date.

Are you in school? Look for clubs or social groups whose members include Asians – it could be a great way to meet Asian girls.

Well, Dear Reader,

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Michelle Valentine