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Dear Michelle Valentine

Dear Michelle Valentine” appears on her online dating site, ValentineMeet.com. The advice column focuses on dating & relationships, with an emphasis on online dating, dating safety, and first dates. Readers are welcome to write in their questions, and Michelle Valentine, B.A. Psychology, answers the questions with sound and witty advice.

How to Find Love Online

how to find love online book valentineMichelle Valentine is the best-selling author of the dating book, “How To Find Love Online: Secrets, Tips and Lists for Getting the Best Response” (ISBN 1-919925-22-0, 6×9, paperback, 124 pages, $14.95). Michelle Valentine’s book is a helpful online dating book for singles on Amazon.com, and at one time, was available within the United States library system. “How to Find Love Online,” is a 124-page book chock full of secrets, tips, and lists for getting the best responses from the millions of users of online personals.

Michelle Valentine followed her own advice, and met her husband online!
She is currently writing her second book, “Find Love Online (I Did!)