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Michelle Valentine’s writings include one published book and hundreds of published advice columns, articles, e-newsletter content, website content, blog posts, advertorials, and more. Published topics include dating & relationships; food & wine; health & wellness; business & networking; entertainment & sports. Michelle Valentine provides quality content for media outlets and businesses. If you are seeking unique content, please contact Michelle Valentine regarding licensing and/or customized content to help you gain more readership, which in turn creates more revenue for you! Companies that are featuring/have featured Michelle Valentine’s writings:


Whining won’t put money toward the bottom line, so what’s the solution? How does a newspaper revive the product and keep the cash flowing? Publisher credits several factors, but her favorite is a personals’ personality known only by the unique name, Michelle Valentine. Valentine settled into the business of giving the personals class and pizzazz. She has her own cable TV show that interviews personals users. She offers seminars in finding romance, and she devises and attends promotional singles social events, often co-sponsored with radio stations and/or clubs.
Editor & Publisher Magazine

The growth of Orlando Weekly’s personals is phenomenal. AAN papers… are down significantly… The Orlando Weekly is the rare exception. The constant promotions, workshops, direct mail and media attention created by Michelle Valentine is the biggest reason for the incredible growth in personals minutes. Before Michelle started, the paper averaged 550 minutes per week. This year… the highest weekly minutes in the paper’s history came in at 1,800. She is educating the Orlando market, creating a buzz and bringing excitement. She is a “personality” in Orlando and is constantly seeking new ventures for promoting.
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Dear Michelle Valentine

The newspaper “Dear Michelle Valentine” advice column focuses on issues regarding life, relationships, family, dating, marriage, breakups, and divorce.

Readers are encouraged to write in their questions, and Michelle Valentine, B.A. Psychology, answers the questions with sound and witty advice.


how to find love online book valentineMichelle Valentine is the author of the popular dating book, “How To Find Love Online: Secrets, Tips and Lists for Getting the Best Response” (ISBN 1-919925-22-0, 6×9, paperback, 124 pages, $14.95). Michelle Valentine’s book is a helpful online dating book for singles on Amazon.com, and at one time, was available within the United States library system. “How to Find Love Online,” is a 124-page book chock full of secrets, tips, and lists for getting the best responses from the millions of users of online personals.

Fun Fact:
Michelle Valentine followed her own advice, and met her husband online!