We’ve all been there: you’re trying to get some sleep on a long flight, and the person in the seat next to you won’t stop talking. Or maybe they’re constantly getting up to use the restroom, or a child is kicking your seat. Whatever the case may be, we’ve all had to deal with annoying passengers on planes.

Let’s talk about the 10 most annoying things people do on planes:


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1. Get up constantly to use the restroom

It’s annoying when people get up every few minutes to use the restroom on a long flight. Not only does it make it difficult for you to sleep, but it also makes it hard for you to get comfortable in your seat.

2. Kick the back of your seat

This is especially annoying if you’re trying to sleep on a long flight. It’s also difficult to get comfortable when a child is constantly kicking the back of your seat.

3. Talk loudly

Some people just have no concept of personal space and they think it’s okay to talk loudly on a plane. It’s annoying for those around them who are trying to sleep or just want some peace and quiet.

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4. Put their feet on your armrest

This is gross and disrespectful. Keep your feet to yourself!

5. Recline their seat without asking

It’s rude to recline your seat without asking the person behind you first. You may not realize it, but it can be very uncomfortable for the person behind you when you do this. Not to mention, it makes it more difficult for them to use their tray table or work on their laptop.

6. Use the call button constantly

There’s nothing more frustrating than having the person in front of you constantly pressing the call button!

7. Recline their seat constantly

Another annoying thing people do on planes is recline their seats constantly. This can make it difficult for you to use your laptop or read a book, and it can also be uncomfortable if you’re trying to sleep.

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8. Take up more than one seat

It’s frustrating when people take up more than one seat with their belongings or by stretching out across multiple seats. This can make it difficult for other passengers to find their place when they need to sit.

9. Recline the seat too far

When you recline your seat, it can intrude into the space of the person behind you. Not everyone wants their personal space invaded, so it’s important to be considerate when reclining your seat. Only recline your seat a little bit, and try to avoid doing it during meal times.

10. Continuously talks to you

We know this person… the one who ignores that your head is back (with your eyes closed), or you’re reading a book and they still keep talking to you even though you ignore them.

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After asking a wide range of air travelers, we have compiled a list of the 10 most annoying things people do on planes. While some of these behaviors can be controlled, others are simply the result of bad manners. Do you have something to add to the list? Comment below:

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