Dear Michelle Valentine,

I’m finally going to meet some of the men who contacted me from my online dating profile!

They all sounded great, we talked on the phone a few times, and I feel comfortable meeting them.

They are all working professionals, like me, and I’ve arranged the meets after work at a local happy hour bar downtown.

Although I feel really comfortable with them, should I have them pick me up at work (then take me back to my car after our meet), or just meet them there (as in having to find and pay for parking?)

Halina, via E-mail

Dear Halina,

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I’m glad you have taken my previous advice on talking with them on the phone a few times before meeting them.

But, I still suggest driving yourself to meet (even if it means searching for a parking place and paying, too).

This way, if things aren’t as you had envisioned, you can remain in control of the situation and leave when you wish.

Or, your date may want to leave you (gasp!).

If your does leave first, be sure to stay at the happy hour to mingle with single men there!