Dear Michelle Valentine,

I’m an attractive single woman, and my friends consider me outgoing – provided I’m around people I know.

I love going to parties but I never know what to say to startup a conversation with men – or women, for that matter. I end up standing around like a dud or standing near the food table and eating nonstop all night.

What in the world can I say to initiate a conversation?



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Dear Kate,

It’s wonderful that your friends consider you outgoing – it definitely shows that you have the potential to be outgoing even in unfamiliar territory!

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Now, back to your friends: I’m sure you realize they once were strangers, too, and you had to initiate conversations with them. Can you remember how those initial conversations went? I bet you were discussing things you had in common – that’s most likely why you still have their friendship.

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Since you mentioned that you naturally migrate to the food table, how about using that time to initiate conversations with others who are standing there – just talk about the food!

Try something like, “This is the spiciest guacamole I’ve ever had!” and see how they respond.

More than likely they will share their opinions, and then you can continue talking about other common topics while you dip for seconds on the guacamole.

Dear Reader:

How do you start a conversation at a party? Help our readers with this situation and please leave a comment below!

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