My Experience of Sea Trekking

The hot summer is coming, and it’s time to have a trip to the Caribbean!

Pack your bags and head to St. Thomas for a super-cool Sea Trekking adventure!

Walk Along With Me on the Ocean Floor!

Look at these 18 step-by-step photos of my Sea Trekking experience in St. Thomas… You may want to put this adventure on your “bucket list” of things to do when traveling to the Caribbean!

Look for Me in the Photos

I’m wearing a blue swimsuit, and standing with my mom and dad!

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This is my dad, walking down the ladder into the sea.



Next, my sister walks downs the ladder.



My mom goes before me down the ladder.


sea trekking

Hi, mom and dad! We’re underwater!


Sea trekking with my parents

Dad, mom, and me striking a pose underwater.


Walking on the Ocean Floor

Our small group follows in line.


Sea Trekking Group


what you can see during sea trekking


sea trekking


sea trekking

Our guide is relaxing and later, was doing underwater stunts!


Sea creature you will see during sea trekking

Wonderful sea creature!


Sea creature you can touch in sea trekking

Wow! Such a gentle sea creature!


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Sea life you can touch in sea trekking


Sea life during sea trekking


The fish you can sea when you do sea trekking


A group of fishes during sea trekking


A group fishes near a stone


A lonely fish

Hope you enjoyed my photos!

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