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When in the USA, visit the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta…

It has a full-floor marine life with hundreds of different kinds of fish swimming. Standing there, you may think about how wonderful it would be to be as free as a small fish in the sea one day!

When you visit St. Thomas in the Caribbean, you can swim with the fish!

Swim with the sea life in St. Thomas, an island full of enthusiasm in the Caribbean Sea, this summer.

Sea Trekking in St. Thomas gives you this opportunity to experience the freedom and joy in the water as fish surround you.

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Enjoy these sea life photos I took while Sea Trekking on the bottom of the Caribbean Sea!


Sea Life in St. Thomas

The Light Reflects the Different Colors of the Sea


Sea Life in St. Thomas

A group of fish with sparkling silver scale and yellow tail passed me and swam away.


After going into the water, you’ll find that the vision under the sea is not very broad, making the distance between you and the sea creatures closer: what you can see is the different colors of seawater formed by the light, and those fish swim around you at your fingertips.

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Sea World

Lovely Fish with Bright Colors

There are some lovely fish with bright colors underwater.

Some are in bright blue with a silvery fishtail, and some are silvery with a lemon yellow fishtail.


Sea Life

A great number of fish seem to play together and enjoy their time in the peaceful sea.


They may swim around you alone or form a group and lead you to visit a more beautiful underwater world.

Looking at these fish, you probably would ask: Aren’t they tired of swimming all the time? Where does this never-ending journey lead? Where is their home in the sea? People usually say that fish has a memory of only seven seconds. Thus, is the same water in our eyes a new world for them?

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Sea Life in St. Thomas


We don’t the answer. But thanks to those plants in the sea, they give the fish a foothold and also decorate the sea kingdom.

Undersea Plants


Sea Life in St. Thomas

This kind of clusters of twigs is rooted in sandy mounds and is common in the sea.


There are not many plant species in the sea. The most common two are seaweed and algae plants. They are not many in number, either, but they are kind — they photosynthesize enough to offer oxygen to all marine life.

Time to get back up to land and get more oxygen!

Have you been to the Caribbean? What water experiences did you have?

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