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Dear Michelle Valentine,

I just had a really bad dating situation. I have been attracted to this girl that works at a local expensive retail store.

After 2 months of window shopping there, I finally got up the nerve to ask her out.

Our date plans included dinner at Chili’s. We got along great during dinner and she was really happy and attentive towards me.

When the bill came, I told her that her total was $11.93, not including the tip. I paid the whole tip, so I ended paying more than she did.

She quickly said she wanted to go home and she was really cold towards me while walking back to the car.

She did not kiss me good night.

Plus, she never returned my calls afterward asking her out again.

What went wrong?



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Dear Brent,

Let me get clarity on this first date situation:

You pursued her, you asked her out, you took her to a moderately-priced restaurant, and then you expected her to pay half of the check on your first date?

If no mention of “going Dutch” was given to her at the moment you asked her out, you are expected to pay for the entire date.

If you can’t afford a mid-priced restaurant, you could have taken her for a walk in the park, stopping at a vendor for ice cream.

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Or you could have found a free community festival to take her to.

If you had done some research beforehand, you could have found numerous things to do on a first date without spending a lot of money.

But the reality of your dating situation was this:

You had two whole months to save for that first date, which meant saving only $1.50 a week.

She seems to have been worth that much to you, but you chose not to make that financial effort.

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Shame on you, Brent!

Dear Readers:

Have you gone a date with someone who was cheap?

Let’s hear about your dating story!

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