Romantic Travel and Great Date Idea:

I arrived at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens for a lovely day trip a mere two hours before they closed (unknowingly), but still had enough time to wander around the lovely little lake to view the floral and rock gardens.

Spending a full morning and afternoon there would have been ideal, so I will return for a full day of delightful observing!

A serene stroll through the Morikami Japanese Gardens was such a pleasurable way to spend a couple of hours, this would make a great date on a lovely afternoon.

As you’re strolling around with your date, the slow-paced environment allows for lots of quality talking (and possibly hand-holding)!

Join my photo gallery and see how lovely the Rock Gardens are!



Hiraniwa Flat Garden

Flat gardens make more liberal use of plant material and often visually incorporate outside elements through a design technique called “borrowed scenery”. Flat gardens are lovely to sit and relax. If you want to exert your brain, you can sit there and count all the stones!   ; )










Early Rock Garden

Such gardens were often inspired by Chinese landscape paintings in ink that depicted water cascading from distant peaks in the sea or a lake.









Getting a little “zen” in the Early Rock Garden!

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