Dear Michelle Valentine,

Four of my girlfriends and I are attractive, educated, and have a lot of varied interests.

We’re looking for a way to “recruit” a group of guys to meet someplace for cocktails, appetizers, and laughter.

Got any suggestions how to find them?

Kristen, Danielle, Judy and Cheryl

Dear Ladies,

I am sure there is a group of guys out there right now thinking of how to recruit a group of “good catch” women like yourselves.

Actually, it sounds like you’re seeking a “group blind date”.

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What a great concept!

With 4 of you and 4 of them, at least two people should create a match.

My suggestion would be to run an online dating profile, and word it something like this, changing or adding to your liking:

Group Blind Date (as your headline)

“Four gorgeous, interesting, professional women. Into laughter, appetizers & cocktails, dancing and extensive conversations. Looking to set up a “group blind date.” Please bring a smile and leave the cigarettes at home. Contact me to get further details on all of us, and directions where to meet.”

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It would be a good idea to call the establishment where you plan to meet in advance, and maybe they will even offer to serve your drinks and appetizers at a special group rate.

For even more fun, attend one of my “Valentine Dine” events, where I setup a group of attractive, professional singles for a fabulous evening of dinner and drinks at an upscale restaurant. A “Valentine Dine” event is an evening to remember of great food, great conversation, and great fun!