Dear Michelle Valentine,

I’m a 26-year-old guy who has happily agreed to my girlfriend moving in with me.

I’m pretty happy about the whole thing, except for one thing: her spoiled cat.

Her cat only eats on top of the kitchen counter (gross), and he only sleeps on his ratty chair (which of course, she’s bringing along and plans on putting in our bedroom).

I’m going crazy over the idea of this spoiled cat sleeping with us, too!

I don’t think it’s fair she’s giving all this attention to a freeloading animal, and I’m the one who really gives her all the attention she needs!

How do I handle this situation?


Dear Dan,

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Which situation are you seeking help on – that your girlfriend is devoted to her loving, furry friend?… Or that you are worried she won’t provide you with enough attention?

You say you happily “agreed” to have your girlfriend move in with you, but perhaps you hadn’t thought it very carefully – including the pets.

For instance, her companionship around the house sounds like a great idea, but her additional “baggage” she brings is not too desirable to you.

By the way, why are you vying so hard for your girl’s devoted attention? This is the kind of thing that could be solved with a simple teasing “I know it’s silly but, I’m jealous when you pet the cat. Can you pet me, too?”

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Another tip: Be sure to give her your best “puppy dog eyes” while saying it, too.

Maybe you need to reconsider this proposed living arrangement until you can whole-hardheartedly accept the little “love of her life” into your life, too.

Besides, I’m certain you have some baggage of your own that she is willing to overlook:

Your dirty socks on the floor, hair shavings in the sink, drinking out of containers from the fridge, playing video games too loud, etc.

Get my point?

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Your situation is quite workable… keep me informed!

Dear Reader:

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