Dear Michelle Valentine,

I’m on your email list and I just RSVP’d for the hockey game on Thursday.

I’m so tired of my friends not ever wanting to do anything, so I’m going to venture out on my own and try to meet some new people and see what happens.

It sounded like last time was a lot of fun, so I thought, why not try it?

Was the last time pretty evenly split between males and females? Just checking.

Thanks for planning the event.

Cynthia, via email


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Dear Cynthia,

I am so glad you’re taking the initiative to meet new friends have some fun!

The last Solar Bears Singles Night I hosted brought out nearly 90 singles! We sat together in a big group area and there was a lot of mingling going on!

Many people won prizes, and a few from our group got to play some real games on the ice!

Every attendee received a goody bag filled with souvenirs and gift certificates!

To answer your question:

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The male-to-female ratio was pretty even (even I was surprised to see so many female attendees), and everyone had a fantastic time!

Dear Sports-Loving Reader:

What are your ways to enjoy sports to meet other singles? Leave a comment below and let me know. Remember, do your best to share as much detail as you can because thousands of fabulous individuals come here each week for insight and inspiration.

What you have to say may just be what someone else needs to have a major breakthrough in their life! Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments box below.

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Thank you so very much for reading, watching, commenting, and especially… sharing your personal thoughts. Your kindness and generosity are like vitamins for the heart.

P.S. If you found this valuable, inspiring and worthy of your time, please share it. I can’t think of any better conversation for individuals around the world to listen to. A big hug to you!

With so much love and appreciation,


Michelle Valentine