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I love visiting a farm! The smell of fresh grass and hay, the sound of a distant tractor, and the overall free feeling of walking in “God’s Country” is so renewing to the spirit!

Having visited many farms… my great-grandparents’ farm in Michigan… corn-maze farms in Florida… olive farms in Italy… coffee farms in Costa Rica… and more…

My husband and I spent a day on a farm while we were dating, and boy, can you learn a lot how someone reacts to “nature” activities! Funny, really!

I want to share some tips to help make it a great date for your day of picking fruits/vegetables/nuts on a farm:

  • Wear comfortable clothing. A thin t-shirt is great (or sweater if cool outside). You will be bending over a lot, so no tight-waist pants!

  • Wear old shoes, as you will be walking in dirt (and possibly mud). Best are old sneakers or better yet, ankle-height boots.

  • Wear a good sunhat. As I’m a blonde and get sunburn on the top of my head, I always wear a sunhat. Plus it keeps all the bugs out of your hair!

  • Wear sunglasses. Squinting for hours in the sun can potentially cause a headache.

  • Bring a bottle (or two) of water. Always stay hydrated while out in the field!

  • Bring one frozen water bottle if picking during summer months. This way, you will have a super-cold drink!

  • Carry the biggest basket you can, as you will want to bring as much fruit/vegetables/nuts home as possible!

Do you have a tip to share when visiting a farm? Please share your tips in the comment box below: