Best Months to Pick Fruits and Nuts on Farms in Georgia

I love going to “pick-your-own” farms to pick strawberries!

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Growing up, my great-grandparents had a farm in Michigan, which had numerous apple trees. It was fun picking the apples off the trees and hearing the “crunch” from biting into a freshly-picked apple. Dee-licious!

If you live in the south, a fun date idea is to consider a day or weekend trip to a farm in Atlanta, Georgia.

Spending the day on a farm is a great experience!

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Here is a calendar of months that are best to pick fruits & nuts in Georgia:

July through October

October through December

April through July
Strawberries and Blueberries

May through August

Gone pickin’?

Have you ever gone to a “pick your own” farm?

Where was it? How was your experience? Leave your comment below: