Dear Michelle Valentine,

I wanted to write to let you know some places where I met some very interesting women:


The laundromat (especially the one at my apartment complex)

Charity events (the annual galas)

Concert ticket lines

Bookstores (the ones with cafes are best)

Sunday mass

I hope you share this with your readers. Thanks!


Dear Readers,

Here is a compilation of some other great ideas of unique places places to meet someone to date:

The grocery store

Bring a black marker with you, so when you spot someone you’re interested in by the produce section, smile at them and write your name and number on an orange.


The car wash

You know they take care of themselves and their possessions, so they should be considerate towards you, too. Besides, you can check if they drive a red Porsche or a beat-up VW!


A wrong-dialed number

If they sound interesting, ask if they’re single, and talk away!


At the airport

Travelers may not live near you, but many long distance relationships have turned into marriage.


At magazine stands

A great way to find out their interests… which sports they like, if they are into a healthy eating lifestyle, if they like gardening, if they’re into pornography…


Art gallery openings and art festivals

You already have something major in common, and you certainly would have a lot to talk about as you walk around!


Seminars, adult education classes, workshops

Anyone who is interested in learning, is intelligent enough to want a healthy relationship.


Dear Reader:

Do you have unique places to share? Please tell us more by leaving a comment below!

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With so much love and appreciation,


Michelle Valentine