Wine Book

For my birthday, I received from a friend a beautiful copy of Good Housekeeping’s “Wine Book” by witty author Jonathan Pedley.

I now keep the book on my coffee table to create conversation when guests are visiting my home.

The book begins with the practicalities of enjoying wine (buying, storing, serving, drinking, choosing complementary foods). Then the book discusses fascinating detail the business of growing grapes and making wine.

The journey around the world’s vineyard regions is the largest part of the book, showing how wines differ throughout the world and featuring maps and beautiful, glossy photos.

A wonderful chapter in “Wine Book” is titled, “The New World” – South America – states “the raw potential of Chile and Argentina remains superb. Chile has a head start, but Argentina is now beginning to make its move in the world wine stakes.”


Every time I enjoy a glass of Tango Real wines, I completely understand their meaning of superb!

Is Argentina South America’s Sleeping Giant for Wine?

The “Wine Book” states that “Argentina has long been South America’s sleeping giant when it comes to wine. The country is the fifth largest wine producer in the world. Yet until recently, very little Argentinian wine was seen on the export market. This was not surprising as much of the Argentinian wine produced in the past was pretty basic stuff for the home market. The picture has started to change for the better. At last Argentina is going through a period when it is both politically and economically reasonably stable. A number of wineries have started to focus on quality wines for the export market. Investment from overseas has helped, as has a band of “flying winemakers”. The term “flying winemaker” is used to describe a winemaker who helps a winery, on a contract basis, to produce wines in a modern style that will work on the export market.

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Pop Quiz

When you are out with your friends discussing wine, give them a “pop quiz” about “flying winemakers”… fun conversation!

Tango Real, the U.S. operation for Goyenechea Winery and Vineyards, founded in 1868 in Mendoza, Argentina is a fabulous line available at Cork & Olive in Lake Mary, Florida.

Here is interesting information I found out about the Cabernet Sauvignon varietal from Tango Real which I am sure you will also want to know:

It is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from Goyenechea’s own vineyards in Villa Atuel – San Rafael in the province of Mendoza – you already remember this location, I am sure from my previous blog, correct?…

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The Production

But here is more inside data… the production of this varietal was about 8 Tons per hectare, the age about 30 years with the harvest period taking place during the last week of March or beginning of April back in 2007 and 2008… they do the handpicking of the grapes in boxes of 20 kg or about 42 lb (a little bit heavy for me if I were to help them pick grapes!)

The Fermentation

Then the wine-making takes place with 10 days of fermentation with selected yeasts in contact with the skin of the grape, followed by a malolactic fermentation that occurs naturally in the bottle after staying for a year in the old cellars of the winery and the result is…. well, you have to try it by yourself and you will agree with me:

  • It is the classic wine of the winery
  • It has a magnificent color, good body and warm, with mild tannins that give it character as it lingers on your palate.
  • Perceived fruity aromas typical of the variety.
  • Ideal to match with meats, stews and serrano ham
  • For my taste it also went very well with poultry and pastas, so far, so good!
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You are invited to see for yourself how fabulous this wine is!

Be sure to also ask for Tango Real wines at your favorite wine shops and restaurants.

See you soon at an upcoming wine tasting!

Oh, and be sure to visit Cork & Olive in Lake Mary, Florida, as they are having an exhibition of my artworks on display.

Here is one of my paintings:

2015-09-12 10.17.25 (2)


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