2007 Syrah wine by Tango Real

“Soft, fruity, easy drinking…”

This is the perfect description for the 2007 Syrah wine by Tango Real.

At the well-stocked Cork & Olive in Lake Mary, Florida, I met with Juan Pombo, the owner of Tango Real, the U.S. operation for Goyenechea Winery and Vineyards, founded in 1868 in Mendoza, Argentina. We had a great time talking while enjoying a glass of 2007 Syrah wine by Tango Real.

Andes Mountains

This wine is made 100% with Syrah grapes from the growers’ own vineyards in the small village of Villa Atuel. This small village is towards the Southern portion of the Province of San Rafael. This area is just about 50 km east of the massive ridge of the Andes where the snow- capped mountains provide most of the water for the region.

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The wine goes through seven days of fermentation with yeast in touch with the skins. Then, the fermentation is paralyzed at 5 ° C, then filtered. The wine is left in tanks for 20 days followed by a malolactic fermentation that occurs naturally in the bottle… and finally resting for one year in the old cellars of the winery.

The Scent

It has a scent of red and dried fruits typical of this variety with a brilliant color tone of medium-intensity red with shades of ruby tiles.

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The Flavor

The flavor is soft, smooth and fruity, with a mild and sweet tannin, that lingers nicely on your mouth. It’s easy to drink, and retailing at around $15 a bottle, it’s yet another reasonably-priced Tango Real wine for serving at your table with your friends or with your family.

Whether you’re having a big party – or an intimate romantic dinner for two – this Syrah by Tango Real is good to match with light meals, soft red meat, and pastas.

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Chatting With a Wine Lover

I chatted with a wine lover at the wine shop and Ellie said:

“This past weekend I had to meet my boyfriend’s parents. I decided to bring over a nice bottle of wine. I saw Tango Real (which is my boss’ sponsor). I purchased the Syrah by Tango Real and my boyfriends’ parents loved it! It was also a great conversation piece.” 

Pick up a bottle (or two) of Tango Real wines at your local wine store.

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