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Where to Find a Good Woman

Dear Michelle Valentine, I’m a single guy, aged 34. I’m attractive, successful in my career and am a lot of fun. I’m tired of the singles scene and really want to find a good woman, get married, and have a family. Can you tell me where I can find a good woman? I seem to meet the wrong kind of women in bars, and I don’t want to pay a thousand dollars to join one of those dating services! Still Looking   Dear Looking, You future wife could be anywhere that you like to occupy your time – she could [...]

Testimonial for Column

Dear Michelle Valentine, I’ve followed your columns since I’ve been in Orlando for the past few years. Are there any good and real men in this town? I’ve dabbled in the Personals and have dated a great deal, but I guess I’m still waiting for Godot. Thanks for all the laughs I’ve gotten due to your column & my ads. Sincerely, Jewish American Princess   Dear JAP, Thank you for your support and little chuckle! Your ad headlined “Endangered Species” is running this month in the Personals, and I am sure you will get a great response – remember that [...]

Romance in Paris

Dear Michelle Valentine, I was in London first and open romance on the streets is not so common. When I was at Canterbury Cathedral, I was witness to one young couple (and pardon for this expression) “dry humping” on the cathedral grassed courtyard. It looked awkward and kind of desperate, not to say irreligious taking place on the grounds of one of the holiest spots in the English Isles. Nevertheless it struck a kind of comical note for me… as it seemed more the release of shored up winter frustrations rather than an act of romance. Ah, but then Paris [...]

Marriage Minded Woman Finding only Unavailable Men

Dear Michelle Valentine, I’m a cultured, athletic, intelligent thirty-two year old single female from Lake Mary. I haven’t had much luck finding men who are seeking a serious and long-term relationship. I find men who are unavailable – emotionally and personally – and I am so discouraged! To get married and have children soon seems to be slipping by. What can I do? Marriage Minded From Lake Mary   Dear Marriage Minded, My question to you would be where are you going that you are finding all these unavailable men? It is a shame that you cannot seem to find [...]

Less than Average Looking Feels left Out

Dear Michelle Valentine, I regularly hang out with 3 guy friends. They are all super good-looking and I am a little less than average looking. They are a lot of fun to be with, but here’s the problem: they always get the girls when we go out, and I am stuck alone. So they would be in a big group of guys and girls, everyone is laughing and having fun, and I stand alone. What can I do to get girls? Less than Joe   Dear Joe, What I suggest you do is to be outgoing and smile A LOT. [...]

I Think i’m Pregnant after One Year of Dating

Dear Michelle Valentine, My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year and we love each other very much. He loves me and we have talked about getting married in the next couple of years. The problem is, I think I am pregnant. I don’t know how to tell him so he doesn’t walk away and not want to marry me, after all. I can’t talk to my family. They would be so disappointed. Confused and Lonely   Dear Confused, You certainly need to have a talk with your boyfriend. This is about your lives together – not [...]