Love Eat Travel
with Michelle Valentine

an entertaining and educational travel TV series

Love Eat Travel” with Michelle Valentine inspires all to love, eat, travel! “Love Eat Travel” with Michelle Valentine is a fun, entertaining, and educational travel TV show that takes viewers to gorgeous getaways from around the world. Hosted by Michelle Valentine, viewers will learn about the history of fascinating locations… be inspired to experience unique activities to do while there… and see delicious upscale foods & wines of the featured destination. “Love Eat Travel” with Michelle Valentine also showcases fabulous hotels, resorts, and restaurants to help viewers plan their next getaway! The first season of “Love Eat Travel” with Michelle Valentine is a 13-episode series, with the half-hour pilot episode completed.

Watch the half-hour pilot episode:

Pilot Episode 1
Bilbao, Northern Spain


Bibao is located in the Basque Country, with a unique history including major flooding of the entire city… plus new history of the marketplace, parks, hotels, restaurants, architecture, shopping, and more!

Upcoming Half-Hour Episodes for Season 1 of
Love Eat Travel with Michelle Valentine:

St. Augustine
… and more!

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