Love Eat Travel with Michelle Valentine
TV show

a fun, entertaining, educational travel TV series

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Episodes for Season 1 – Spain

Episode 1

Bibao is located in the Basque Country, with a unique history including major flooding… and new history of foods, parks, and protests!

Episode 2

Mundaka offers exquisite beaches, hidden away from the world… plus excellent diving, and so much history in this little town!

Episode 3

Bermeo’s history of a once-prosperous fishing town is now a major tourist spot – and soon location for “Game of Thrones” filming!

Episode 4

Gernika is a city filled with deeply tragic history, but there is new growth and new hope for this beautiful little town!

Episode 5

Madrid offers historic parks and statues, romantic hotels, swanky rooftop lounges, and cosmopolitan nighttime activities!

Episode 6

The ancient city of Toledo offers a gorgeous cathedral, a walled-in city, and numerous handmade sword shops!

Episodes for upcoming Seasons of
Love Eat Travel with Michelle Valentine:

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