Dear Michelle Valentine,

My boyfriend is upset at me because he caught me in an online chat room. It was for singles.

I like to go into chat rooms at night and talk to different guys, even though I know that they live in other states.

My boyfriend thinks I am cheating on him when I do this, but I don’t see anything wrong with it since I will probably never meet those guys in person, anyways. Do you think I am cheating on him?

Chat Room Girl


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Dear Chatty,

Yes, you are cheating on your boyfriend.

What constitutes cheating?

Spending a deal of your personal time with other men, instead of spending that time with your boyfriend.

Why spend time with other guys you “probably” will never meet? Besides, how do you know those are actually guys you are chatting with, and not some girls just having some incognito fun – at your expense?

I do question your feelings about your boyfriend, since you feel the need to be with other guys.

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Maybe your boyfriend needs to find another girlfriend.

Dear Reader:

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