Men, here are 10 Surefire Tips to Attract a Woman:

Get a clean, polished look

First impressions count! Women want a man they can be proud to show off… be that man! Pay attention to details such as crisp-looking clothing, groomed hair and nails, etc.

Go shopping for an updated wardrobe!

Nothing turns women off more than a badly-dressed man! What is “badly-dressed”? Shirts that are out of date, very cheap-looking, low-quality fabrics, poor choice in cut.

If you need a little help, here are some great looks by Calvin Klein you can shop for right now:

New haircut

Pay attention to grooming details such as an updated, clean-looking haircut.

Go to a professional hair salon and get a great cut to flatter your facial structure.

Have facial hair?

That’s okay, but most women don’t like unkempt facial hair on a man.

Go to a professional barber shop and have them give you a great-styled goatee or beard!

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Take a look at your nails

Are your nails short, clean, and free of dirt under them?

Consider getting a manicure at your local salon… you’ll love the bonus hand massage, too!

If you’re a little uneasy about going to a salon, here are some great men’s manicure kits that you can do at home:

Get a pedicure

For those men that wear sandals, get a pedicure, too, to get those toenails and rough feet smooth!

Women don’t want to see (or feel) bad feet on a man!

Great teeth

Take a really, really good look at your teeth in the mirror:

Are they as clean – and as white as they can be? Do you drink a lot of coffee or wine?

For a quick boost, buy one of these at-home teeth whitening kits, and see how much more confident you will be with pearly-whites!

Get a Sexy Scent

If you plan on standing or sitting close to a woman, entice her with your sexy scent.

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Some researchers think scent could be the hidden cosmological constant in the sexual universe. It may even explain why we feel “chemistry”—or “sparks” or “electricity”—with one person and not with another.

If you’re an outdoorsy kind of guy, consider a woodsy scent… If you’re a sophisticated man, consider a crisp, classy scent.

So go to the local department store (or sniff the samples in magazines) and choose a sexy scent that fits your lifestyle and personality.
For quick online shopping, here are some great men’s colognes:

Get Confident Body Language

Women are attracted to confident men… and that’s a psychological fact.

How can you appear confident – even when you’re really nervous and have butterflies in your stomach?

Secrets to appearing confident

Secrets to appearing confident are standing with an erect posture (no slumping). Stand tall, with your shoulders rolled back, and your chin up.

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Geniune smile

Also, confident men smile (genuinely). Now that you’ve whitened your pearly whites, you will have more confidence to smile and appear approachable and friendly.

Great eye contact

Having great eye contact is another surefire way to exude confidence!

Try to retain eye contact for at least 3 seconds to assure your interest level in the woman.

Confidence in your voice

Lastly, confidence comes from your voice… speak with confidence! Need some help with with voice confidence? Here are some voice training sets, so you can work on getting a confident voice:

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about attracting women! Combined with your great posture, a flashy smile, and good eye contact – you’re on your way to being a very desired man!

Now, get out there and socialize!