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Recognizing Red Flags to
Avoid a Bad Relationship

audio course by Michelle Valentine



“My philosophy is that of love, guidance, and personalized
advice to help you
get the life & love you dream about.”   ~Michelle Valentine

Have you ever been in a bad relationship?

Wondering how you can stop wasting time and
avoid a bad relationship from the very beginning?

In this audio course, you will learn to recognize – and not ignore –
“Red Flags” in a person to help you to
avoid a bad relationship from the very beginning!

In this half-hour audio course, “Recognizing Red Flags to Avoid a Bad Relationship” by Michelle Valentine, you will learn:

  • How to quickly recognize someone with “Red Flags”

  • Behavioral Red Flags to look out for

  • Verbal Red Flags to listen for

  • Dealing with a Red Flags person

  • How to leave a person exhibiting Red Flags

  • How to identify a relationship-minded man or woman

  • … and more suggestions, techniques, and tips!


While this audio course features women’s situations with men – men can also learn from this audio course, as well. 
This audio course can be downloaded and will be yours to keep to listen to whenever you need a refresher on this topic. Listen to Michelle Valentine’s audio course, “Recognizing Red Flags to Avoid a Bad Relationship” while driving to work, while working out at the gym, or when relaxing at home with your computer.


“I realized at this point that my values are changing and there are things that have to be eliminated from my life now that I have the stamina to hold steady during this change. Your advice brought the answers I was searching for. Thanks, Michelle, for the advice.”

This audio course is provided immediately via email link for download after purchase.

  • English language

  • 35 minutes length

  • MP3 format

  • only $12.99