About Michelle Valentine

Michelle Valentine is TV Host & Producer of the new travel TV show, "Love Eat Travel" and writer for the "Love Eat Travel" blog website. She also hosted her own nationally airing TV talk show, "Michelle Valentine Show". Michelle Valentine, B.A. Psychology, is the Published Author of the book, "How to Find Love Online" and Newspaper Columnist of "Dear Michelle Valentine" with over 200 columns published. She lives happily-ever-after with her husband in sunny Florida, with a home on the ocean waters and enjoys watching dolphins and romantic sunsets!
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Married! Michelle Valentine Got Married Aboard a Cruise Ship

Michelle Valentine got married on June 30, 2017, aboard a cruise ship on a three-day journey to the Bahamas. Nearly 50 of her and her husband's closest friends and relatives attended the 3-day event. They exchanged their vows while [...]

About My World Travels…

If you love to travel - or are planning your next getaway - I live in sunny Tampa, Florida, and have traveled to over 20 countries around the world! I am excited to share my stories, photos, and videos [...]

Divorced and Trying to Start Over After 25 Years of Marriage

Dear Michelle Valentine, My husband left a year and a half ago after a twenty-five year marriage. He is the only person I have ever dated and been with. I don’t know how to start my life over. I [...]

Best Friend is Flirting With New Boyfriend

Dear Michelle Valentine, My best friend and I have known each other since high school. We are very close and spend a lot of time together. Lately she has been a little distant toward me ever since I have [...]

Dating a Man Who Disappears on the Weekends

Dear Michelle Valentine, I’ve just started dating this great guy. He is a few years younger than me, and seems to party a lot. For instance, we only go out during the week because he likes to spend his [...]