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Here’s your 1 minute dating tip: Skin


Keep your hands nice & soft for hand-holding.

Use lotion daily.

If your hands are still rough to the touch after using lots of lotion, it’s time to exfoliate your skin. What’s that? Exfoliating your skin sheds the dead skin cells, leaving skin baby-soft smooth.

How to do that? You can buy exfoliating skin products, or try this simple recipe at home: Pour a few teaspoons of vegetable oil in a bowl (olive oil is best), and add a few teaspoons of sugar. Mix together, then apply to your skin, and rub in circular motions. Simply rinse off, wipe dry, and viola! You have baby-soft skin!

Another quick tip is to leave a small sample size bottle of lotion in your car, to apply right before meeting your date!


No dry, rough, cracked skin!

You want your date to continue holding your hand, not jerk their hand away in pain!

Here are some fantastic skin lotion products for you to try: