If you’re going to be seated on a plane for hours at a time, you might as well get in some exercises to keep your body moving. Small exercises will help with stiffness, digestion, headaches, and even prevent blood clots.

The next time you’re stuck on a long flight, don’t spend the whole time watching movies and eating pretzels! Use that time to get a little exercise!

Here are five of the best exercises you can do on a plane to stay healthy and fit:

1) Shoulder shrugs:

Helps improve circulation and prevents pain and stiffness in the shoulders. Shrug your shoulders up and down. Also, roll your shoulders in a circular motion.

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2) Neck stretches:

Reduces tension headaches, neck pain, and fatigue. Roll your head forward, backward, and sideways. Then roll your head in a circle clockwise, then do again counter-clockwise.

3) Abdominal crunches:

Aids in digestion and helps prevent back pain. Bend over in your seat a few times, all the while tightening your abs.

4) Leg raises:

Improves blood circulation and prevents blood clots. Working one leg at a time in your seat, lift and repeat. Also, roll your feet at your ankles in clockwise motions.

If you experience poor circulation and pain in your legs, a pair of compression socks will help tremendously to keep your legs in good condition.

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Here is a popular (and colorful) compression sock brand as found on Amazon:

If you prefer a simple color, these compression socks are popular on Amazon:


5) Walking:

The best way to keep your body moving and prevent stiffness. Just get up and walk up and down the aisleway a few times. This is a good time to visit the restroom, and while you’re standing in line, do more shoulder shrugs and neck stretches!

That’s a wrap!

We all know how hard it is to stay fit when we’re constantly on the go. But just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you have to let your fitness routine fall by the wayside. In fact, there are plenty of exercises you can do right in your seat on an airplane, as mentioned above.

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From simple stretches to full-blown workouts at your hotel, there’s something for everyone to stay healthy and fit when traveling. So next time you’re stuck on a long flight, be sure to give these exercises a try.

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Credits: Image by StockSnap from pixabay