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Dear Michelle Valentine,

Please tell me what I can do when a man approaches me at a singles’ event. I went to one of your singles events recently, and a handsome man approached me, expecting some sort of conversation, and I just said “Nice party, huh?”

After a few minutes of dead silence, he excused himself and practically ran away from me!

I didn’t blame him, but what else could I have done?



Dear Kara,

So sorry to hear of your missed opportunity for meeting a single, handsome man!

Here are a few questions that would have started some great conversations:

  • What an unusual tie you’re wearing – what are those little pictures on it?
  • Did it take you long to get here, or do you work close by?
  • You’re a physician – private practice or do you work at a hospital?
  • How did you hear of this event?
  • Did you try the delicious spinach and lobster dip yet?

Remember, just a bit of friendly and light-hearted chatter is all you need to see if any sparks start to fly!