Dear Michelle Valentine,

I am a 43 year old woman and married for the third time. I just recently married my ex for the second time. It is a long story…

I am very affectionate and am really starting to feel like the more I buy new sexy outfits, or get close to him, he rejects me and the less interested he is in me. I am not overweight and try to take care of myself all of the time and fix myself up a lot to look good for him.

He doesn’t seem to notice.

When he does want to have sex, he’s been drinking a lot again (he’s a former alcoholic, but has changed) and I really wish we could just be in love like at first.

What could I be doing wrong? Please advise.

Wondering Why

Dear Why,

There is nothing wrong with what you are doing or the way that you look. In your long letter, you stated the reason you divorced him the first time was because of his serious drinking problem, but he stopped on his own, then begged you to get married again.

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Unfortunately, it is clear he is back to his previous self-destructive behavior.

He needs professional help to stop.

I hope you immediately make this known to your extended family, and also consider professional counseling for yourself, as well, to help you cope with this situation and decide what to do with yourself and your children.

Do you know someone in a relationship that has a drinking problem? Tell us all about it!

We’ve all had good and bad experiences in our lives. We all have gifts to share… especially the gift of knowledge. My hope is that this week’s advice column empowers you to take (or continue on) the wonderful journeys  life has to offer!

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With so much love and appreciation,


Michelle Valentine

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