In the south of downtown Juneau in Alaska, there is a fabulous tram called Mount Roberts Tramway.

The tram does a six-minute ascent from the cruise ship docks to a height of about 1,800 feet (550 m), which makes it one of the most vertical tramways in the world.

Watch my one-minute video:



The tram was built and opened for limited operation in September 1996.

It soon became popular, and it ferried about 160,000 people to the alpine region above downtown Juneau in the summer of 1997!

The tram operates from May to September every year.

It is the only aerial tramway in southeast Alaska.


Alaskan Mount Roberts Tramway

The View from the Tram

You may wonder what you can see if you are on the tram:

The tram goes through the rain forest to the Mountain House, showing rare-to-see views of Juneau and the Gastineau Channel. The Gastineau Channel connects the mainland of Alaska and Douglas Island in the Alexander Archipelago of southeastern Alaska.



Alaskan Mount Roberts Tramway





Mount Roberts Tramway



Alaskan Mount Roberts Tramway


If the weather is clear, the sun fills the channel and makes it sparkling… and there would be a few bright clouds around the mountain.

The forest in the mountains is good to see, and the lush trees show the vitality of nature in green; thus, your eyes and heart can get a moment of relaxation.




Seeing Daylight

You can watch “Seeing Daylight”, 18-minute award-winning film on Tlingit history and culture that made and produced by Alaska Natives. Also, there is a 120-seat theater on the top of the mountain, offering the movie all day to tourists.

This film is complimentary.


Alaskan Mount Roberts Tramway




Alaskan Mount Roberts Tramway

Chilkat Theater

In addition to the “Seeing Daylight” film, some impressive live performances by the Alaska String Band appear, as well.

You can enjoy the great music and Alaska humor in a visually beautiful performance!



Mount Roberts Tramway

My mom waving back!



Go Hiking

Although it looks steep, there are two platforms for casual hiking, and visitors can take in the sights. It’s certainly not as strenuous as glacier trekking, that’s for sure!

The sub-alpine meadow awash in brightly colored flowers is in the rainforest so that you may see plenty of plants there. Another one is the wildlife viewing platform with incredible scenery and colorful flora.

*There is a handicap-accessible trail.



Mount Roberts Tramway

Gift Shop

If you love gift shops as much as I do, the Raven Eagle Gifts & Gallery is located at the top, and worth a visit.

It has not only the usual souvenirs but also original collectible art.

Beautiful, traditional arts and crafts made by Alaska native artisans are also displayed and available for purchase.

Be sure to have enough room in your suitcase for bringing back all your souvenirs!