Dear Michelle Valentine,

I know that sending roses is the most special of flowers to send to someone, but isn’t there certain meanings to sending certain colors and types? I don’t want to send the wrong impression to someone I may be falling in love with by sending her a pink rose!

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Purple


Yes, each rose represents a different meaning.

Sending someone you are falling in love with perhaps should not get a pink rose – she may never kiss you again, thinking you just want to be friends!

Here are some tips to send the right message by sending the right color of rose:

  • Single red rose means “I love you”
  • Red roses, single in full bloom means “I love you” or “I still love you”
  • Red rosebud means “pure and lonely”
  • Pink rose means “perfect happiness, friendship”
  • Yellow rose means “decrease of love, jealously”
  • White rose means “innocence and purity, heavenly”

Here are the types of roses and their meanings:

  • Leaf rose means “you may hope for love”
  • Thorn-less rose means “love at first sight”
  • Tea rose means “I’ll remember always”
  • Rosebud means “beauty and youth”
  • Cluster of roses means “still in love, charming”
  • White rose, dried means “death is preferable to loss of virtue”
  • White rose, withered means “you made no impression”

Fun Fact:
The month of June is celebrated as “Rose Month”!


Dear Reader:

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