Dear Michelle Valentine,

I talked to you on the phone last week about a woman from Orlando that was visiting here in Seattle. One might think after 3 weeks I’d be able to forget about a woman I talked to in a bar for two hours on October 4, who lives 3,000 miles away. And one might think how someone could lose a phone number of a person he feels so strong about, while going out of his way to throw away numbers he could care less about (maybe it’s some Freudian thing)? And why do we at times act nonchalant, while we may be thinking, “Damn, I really like this person, there’s major chemistry here”?

Well, maybe I’m out of my mind, but it is tough to lose contact with someone, that on the surface you have such commonality and chemistry (she even wears Levi’s as I do – need I say more?!).

Well, maybe one more thing: I would just like to let her know that I like her very much, and I’m sorry for going home so early.

Here’s what little I remember about her: she’s 29, works in the art field (like I do), is a recent transplant from Texas, lives in or near Deltona, and her name might be Lydia. And oh yeah, she’s a Leo.

I’m hoping that one of your readers might know her, and you can match me with her!

Bryan, Des Moines, Washington


Dear Bryan,

Let’s hope that one of my readers out there will find her for you. It’s true that you never know when the “love if your life” will be placed right before your eyes – and sometimes can disappear just as quickly. You must take action to find them again and never let them go.

You’ve done just that by writing me. Good luck!

But keep in mind, that you should still be out there looking for someone like her… perhaps the true love of your life wasn’t “Lydia” after all!

Dear Reader:

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