Dear Michelle Valentine,

My married life is not what I envisioned it to be. My marriage lacks any type of affection or fun.

My wife and I used to enjoy each other’s company and we used to do so many things together. We laughed a lot, acted silly, and we were really happy in our own world. Things have changed now.

We work so much that the only time I see my wife is late at night before we go to bed – and then we go to sleep! I don’t know what to do.

How can I bring things back to the way they were?

Workaholics Anonymous


Dear Workaholic,

I am so sorry to hear of your current situation. I say current because you CAN change things back to the way they used to be.

You already know the reason why things have changed the way they did; you both are workaholics. Of course that means less time for play, but you need to look at why you are working so much, if it is making you unhappy. Are you trying to pay for expensive nursing home care for your parents, or is it because you are living beyond your means? If your reason has to do with hefty BMW car payments, maybe it’s time to reassess your values.

Still, you can have your BMW and take a joyride in it, too!

Make a point to start TODAY of making romantic gesture towards your wife.

Get silly again! How about leaving a sexy message on her voice mail at work?

How about inviting her to lunch – at a romantic candle-lit restaurant?

What about giving her a little pat on her derriere as she’s brushing her teeth before she goes to bed?

I think the two of you are definitely caught up on your sleep! (wink, wink)

Dear Reader:

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With so much love and appreciation,


Michelle Valentine


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