Dear Michelle Valentine,

I found this great woman online, and followed your 3-time rule of talking to someone over the phone before meeting them in person. Well, after 3 phone conversations, we finally met last week! We met at Starbuck’s for coffee, and had great conversation for over an hour! I wanted to spend more time with her, and asked her if she wanted to go and get some appetizers or drinks at France Trastevere (a fancy French restaurant), and she said, “No, I should be going home, I have some things I need to do.”

She was very nice about it, and said it was nice meeting me and said, “Call me”.

Do you think she didn’t like me, and that’s why she wanted to go home?

I want to see her again; what should I do?

Jersey John
Dear JJ,

I wanted to reply to your letter as soon as possible, for your sake of possibly losing that wonderful woman!

From your letter; it is hard to tell that she does like you – or not.


  1. You made it past the first, second, and third phone conversation.
  2. She liked you enough over the phone to finally meet you.
  3. Your conversation lasted over an hour – that’s at least 2 full cups of coffee.
  4. She probably didn’t plan to spend an entire evening with you, and she may have had things she needed to take care of.
  5. Maybe she felt she wasn’t dressed right for that fine French restaurant.
  6. She did say “call me”… So, CALL HER, before those other guys who see her online sweeps her away!

Dear Reader:

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