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You must want to take a look at the blue-tone and mysterious sea world in the hot summer, to see what sea life usually does.

You may also wonder if walking in water is the same as walking in outer space and how the water drag makes you feel.

Sea trekking in St. Thomas in the Caribbean Sea allows you to observe the underwater world now.

But before you get down to the water, you need to know a few things to protect yourself.

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Check this quick guide to Sea Trekking:

Booking Your Tour

When you book the tour, you need to choose a trained leader and tour group. If possible, it’s much better to choose on-on-one or one-or-two coaching, so the leader will carefully guide you.

Wearing the Helmet

You can follow the leader down to the sea after wearing an alien-like visible helmet, which is supplied with a medium pressure tube connected to an oxygen cylinder or directly out of the sea surface to obtain oxygen.

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The Pressure

Notice, there’s a gap between your helmet and your neck, but don’t worry, the pressure won’t allow the water to get into your helmet.

How to Walk

But when you walk in the water, try to walk upright, and don’t turn your head sideways to keep the water out of your helmet.

Ear Pressure

When standing on the ocean floor, your ears may feel uncomfortable in the water. Thus, put one hand on the helmet to maintain it and the other hand into it, then pinch your nose and tap your ears to adjust the ear pressure.

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Learn Diving Gestures

Learn some basic diving gestures, so you can use the most convenient way to call for help and confirm your status always.

Timely Communication

Communicate with your leader in time. If you feel uncomfortable, stop sea trekking right away and go back to the boat.


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