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By: Robert Gualtieri



From scoping the net and writing a catchy ad, to tips on gracefully rejecting a proposal, Michelle Valentine’s book, “How to Find Love Online” has everything you need to launch an all-out search for love on the internet, and more!

To start with, the book outlines various features a good dating site should offer and provides recommendations about how to utilize them to convey your uniqueness. Valentine has included some great exercises detailing how to write a mesmerizing ad with all the trimmings.

To help identify qualities in a perfect match and recognize how you perceive yourself, the book includes effective fill-in-the-blank, ad-lib type questions.

In a section entitled “Have a Date With Your Mirror“, Valentine chaperones the reader through an appearance examination.

Looks, she says, are a part of the chemistry equation and offers surprising advice about posting a photo.

Valentine then reveals the incredible “Three Secret Segments” that go into writing the perfect ad. You’ll have to read the book to find out what they are, though!

There’s also a recipe for writing a message sure to get replies. Also essential to a love hunter’s arsenals an entire section devoted to “colorful” personality and physical description words to help write the killer advert.

The advice applies beyond the online action; sensible grooming and style tips for your first date as well as on what to do and not to do make this book a practical guide for anyone serious about seeking true love online.

This is one book that will surely aid your cause with its rational approach to the quest for Love.

Besides, with a name like Valentine, you know the author has great advice to share!Save